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Verified 1/10/2007
NOAA tutorial

Verified 1/11/2007
Directional spectra prediction for buoy 5001 (near Hawaii)

Verified 1/11/2007
Waimea Bay Buoy Directional Spectrum

Verified 1/11/2007

Bodega, CA: (707) 876-3190, Free surf report from Northern Lights Surf Shop, Bodega, CA; 1/12/2007

St. Augsutine, FL: (904) 824-9855, Free surf report from Blue Sky Surf Shop; 1/12/2007
"The Hidden Picture", Surfer's Path, Issue 54, MAY/JUNE 2006, pgs 34-38 - General discussion of wave formation and how real ocean waves differe from classic waves.  Also covers various forms of wave data from buoys etc...



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