Surfboard Fin Box Locking System

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  • High strength anodized aluminum fin box surf lock mechanism. No plastic parts.

  • Stainless steel combination padlock construction and vinyl coated galvanized steel cable resist salt fog corrosion.

  • Surf lock cable length is 10 feet, longest of this type. Permits installation in truck bed or car roof.

  • Surf lock cannot be removed if fin is removed.

  • Surf lock cable assembled with aluminum sleeves triple crimped for maximum strength.

  • Surf lock made in USA.

  • Patent pending.

  • Qualification system has been in use since 9/1/2004 > 25 months

  • Qualification system is left exposed to the outdoors 24/7 (Huntington Beach, CA)

  • > 208 usages

  • ~ > 6000 miles driven while locked in truck bed

How to Use the Fin Box Locking System

Step 1

  • Loop cable onto a strong stationary object

Step 3

  • Insert "Tee" into fin box.  Rotate to engage into slot.

Step 2

  • Insert wide part into fin box.  Engage into slot.

Step 4

  • Align holes.  Install padlock with free end of cable.

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