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Wave Equation Products

I created the fin box locking system because I needed to lock up my board after going to work in the morning.  Driving home before work was inconvenient and dragging my board INTO work wasn't practical.  I looked for an existing product but was not satisfied with what I could find, so I created this product initially just for my own use.  


Why We Surf

I surf as a way to connect with people, the world, and to have fun.  Locking up my board helps me relax, which in a sense, makes surfing more fun.  I now also carry my board around more often or carry more than one board.    


Helping Others

like to think that the fin box lock can help someone.  It certainly helps me.  It's priced as low as possible to make it accessible to as many people as possible.  I also donate some of the profits to some non-profit surf causes that I like.  See below.


Other People We Help

Part of the money you pay goes towards helping these people.

Surfers Healing - This is a real cool group that helps autistic kids surf.  I have an autistic child who has surfed with Surfers Healing and I can't say enough good things about Izzy and the people that work with him.  

Surfrider Foundation - We all want a clean place to surf.  


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